25th Anniversary Of The .com

15 Mar 25th Anniversary Of The .com

Happy 25th Birthday to domain names!

Symbolics.com was the first domain name ever registered on the modern Internet on March 15th 1985.

Symbolics.com is the first, and the oldest, registered .com (dot com) domain. Symbolics, Inc. was a computer hardware and software manufacturer based in Massachusetts on the East Coast of the US. It designed and produced Lisp programming machines to run the Lisp language. The company went bust, and the domain name purchased in 2009 by XF.com, and is now used as the personal blog of XF’s owner Aron Meystedt.

But it was a slow start for .com names: 6 by the end of 1985; only 10 in total in the first year; and over two and a half years for the first 100 domain names to be registered – and registered for free in those days to help encourage more names!

The .com generic top level domain (gTLD) was originally created and run by the US Department of Defense, in the days of ARPANET. From January 1985 there were 7 gTLDs, the others being .net, .org, .gov, .edu, .mil, and .arpa. From 1991 it was run by Network Solutions, which was later bought by Verisign. To this day the .com remains the Daddy of all TLDs.

After 25 years of domain registration there are now nearly 200 million registered names, and about 85 million of those (43%) are .com.

The Symbolics site is recognising the important birthday and its 25 years.

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