Free Funerals From Laptops Direct

01 Apr Free Funerals From Laptops Direct

While checking emails this morning, I made the usual cursory glance through those deemed (by auto settings at least) as ‘Spam’.

The usual suspects: Halifax Online (to ‘Dear Valued Customer’, odd though not being a customer of theirs); Namejet (one of the big domain name aftermarket players, but I do use them and they always get spammed out); then the rude ones (that I can’t read out here); plus the weird ones (that I just can’t read); the frequent fluff, and then someone who does get spammed out but I do tend to rescue – .

Instead of offering me discount on my next laptop, the usual sender ‘Anna James’ this time screamed ‘Free Funerals From Laptops Direct’ ! Assuming it was about old laptop recycling, and obviously as being a green digital agency we’re keen for retailers to offer green services, well done I thought, I clicked – and no! It’s about real funerals! Urns, tombstones, hearses, the works! Strapped for cash in the credit-crunch? Here is willing to sponsor yours! A ‘win-win’ (perhaps a ‘win-gone’):

Not green afterall (But I was a shade jealous.)

Yes, I know it is April 1st. I also know they’ll get a bundle of traffic off it. As spoofs go, is anything off limits? Nah, death needn’t be morbid. And work has gone into this one, decent video production, even a the list of sponsorship options! Terrific.

Reasons this campaign is alive and well:

  • the email send was to customer base, so not strictly spam (i.e. trusted sender)
  • the subject line was strong and different, so good for click through (i.e. compelling)
  • destination page was branded, simple and informative (i.e. familiarity and call to action)
  • destination page interestingly, (i.e. building traffic to newer site / owned brand)
  • posted video on youtube (i.e. use of social media, viral outside of base)
  • ‘shock factor’ passed off as April Fool, so it is fun (i.e. timing)

Well done – you didn’t downgrade my last laptop properly and customer service needs resuscitating, but your virals are full of life. Good online marketing execution.

Love online marketing ’til I die.

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