Google Adwords Billing Bug

29 Jul Google Adwords Billing Bug

A PPC bug in Google Adwords Billing persists:

We kept getting email reminders from Google saying – “Subject: Outstanding Balance for Google AdWords”. As good honest PPCers we tried (a few times) updating our billing details.

There had been an issue with the credit card specified being blocked (by HSBC, or no reason – another story), but this was resolved. However re-entering the card’s details into Adwords Billing preferences ‘Primary Payment Details’ made no difference – the payment is still not accepted, and the account blocked.


This time we updated ‘Billing and Payment’ details, which forces the primary payment update also. Doing both fixes the bug, and the payment choice is accepted.

It appears this has been a know, and un-fixed, bug for a while (at least Jan-10):

Small bug, but annoying. If you’ve been foxed by it, and searched for [google adword billing bug], and found this, then hopefully you’ve got your solution.

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